When I first purchased my boat, and I first took it out on the water I knew from that moment I wanted to become a guide and share my fishing passion. I learned a lot from my father even though he could not see me in my new boat I knew he would be so proud of what I have become. As I got older, fishing became a passion not just a hobby. All those years of fishing provided me opportunities of fishing at different lakes. which include fishing for: White bass, striped bass, Hybrid striped bass, Largemouth bass, Crappie, Catfish, and among these fishing you may also get hooked on with Gar, Carp, Buffalo, and sunfishes. The state of Texas has these exciting species for great fishing action. I have fished Texas lakes since 1983 and have come to respect and admire the fisheries we have here. I would like to share these waters and provide you with and enjoyable and memorable fishing experience. If you like to fish, have fun, and meet new folks, then that’s what you should come to expect while fishing with me.

My Boat

If there is anything that I have enjoyed more than learning my fathers old fishing habbits, is being a great fishing guide. Fishing has always been a part of my life. My passion is learning to be a better angler and sharing my knowledge through instructional training, on and off the water. I am blessed with the desire, perseverance and patience to instruct others. I take great enjoyment in every opportunity to promote fishing. Only when I am in the water fishing can I find solitude without loneliness because each fishing trip, each cast, and each fish caught is not only unique but also a great memory. I will make sure that your next fishing trip is fun, enjoyable and that you catch some great fish. Call me to book youre next great fishing adventure.


Noel Ibarra